Disaster Recovery as a Service

Today’s computer systems are more powerful than ever, but any number of threats can take them offline – hardware failures, human error, malware, and theft – any of which can bring your business to a grinding halt.

The collateral damage can be severe…

  • Expense of recreating information
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Damage to competitive position
  • Risk of non-compliance with government mandates
  • Exposure to legal liability
  • Harm to public image

MABC coordinates and offers “DR as a Service” as a customized, scalable backup and disaster recovery solution. You can combine on-site and Cloud backup systems to add an extra layer of protection to ensure the privacy, availability and security of your data. When things go wrong, you can restore what you lost to quickly get back up and running.

What we offer…

  • On-site / off-site storage of server and users’ data, email, and other business systems
  • Continuous data protection and archiving
  • Recovery testing of backup data
  • Access to backup data by remote offices and teleworkers over secure network connections
  • Full service setup across all of your office locations

MABC’s DR as a Service makes protecting your intellectual property and other critical data easy.

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