Software Defined Wide Area Networks

Paired with gigabit speed broadband connections, SD WAN can help overcome the bandwidth, scalability, and cost concerns common with legacy WAN networks.

Benefits of SD WAN Delivered by MABC

  • Speed of deployment – A traditional WAN service can take weeks or months to implement. By using broadband connectivity, a SD WAN location can be online within hours.
  • Performance optimization – Scalable pipeline and intelligent path selection improve enterprise network performance.
  • Greater throughput and reliability – Application-aware routing protocols let your network adjust to demands in network traffic.
  • Failover protection – Traffic is routed across all available bandwidth on multiple links. Should a link fail, the remaining paths keep the application running.
  • Better control – Handle tasks like pushing policies to branch locations and launching new sites remotely from a central location.
  • Network visibility – Through a self-service portal, SD WAN offers better network visibility and application-level insights.
  • Security – Not only can the SD WAN accommodate encryption to protect data in transit, the appliances at each end can scan to identify and block potential threats.
  • Cost savings – With intelligent software substituting for the functionality of traditional systems and interfaces, you can save on hardware.

Take more control of your remote and branch offices by making connections faster, more cost-effective, and flexible to exploit market opportunities.

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