Traffic Studies

As business phone lines have transformed from old fashioned ‘Plain Old Telephone Service’ to ‘Voice over IP,’ the need remains to know how many connections are required to accommodate the voice traffic in and out of your business and between your locations.

Money on the line

Too many connections and too much capacity and you are wasting money… Not enough, and your customers get busy signals or poor call quality, and you lose money.

Informed decisions

Our traffic studies help you make quick and accurate decisions to better manage voice communications. Among other things, MABC traffic studies and analysis help you…

  • Uncover unused trunk capacity or the need for more capacity
  • Understand daily, monthly, seasonal and holiday traffic variations
  • Identify problems that may be causing a poor voice quality
  • Map traffic flows for right-sizing bandwidth between locations
  • Optimize voice with prioritization and shaping techniques
  • Prepare for new, more cost-effective services like SIP
  • Plan for more flexible services that allow for intelligent routing, traffic bursting, and call overflow alternatives

Traffic studies help you pinpoint inefficiencies and cost reduction opportunities. Ready to find the gaps?

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